Start Your Home Improvement in the Kitchen

You can cook up a great return on your home improvement funds in the kitchen. There are certain renovations that increase the value of your home for you and for potential buyers. The kitchen is the heart and soul of many homes.

If you have a significant budget, then this is the perfect room to invest in now. You might refinish your kitchen cabinets, replace a piece of equipment, redo the lights, swap sink fixtures and paint.

Small touches like the cabinet door and drawer handles are noticed. The hanging hardware can be removed and replaced on almost any home improvement budget.

Stainless Steel Solutions

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are popular investments that add distinct value. They resist moisture damage and corrosion with a life expectancy measured in decades. Adding small countertop appliances of stainless steel like toasters and coffee makers can be fun and practical.

Tip Top Counters

Check out the wide array of benchtops or countertops available. A little homework will lead you to the ones that fit your function and personality. They are an attractive improvement that pays off today and tomorrow. Granite is number one but take time to explore wood, laminate, and toppers made from recycled materials that leave no carbon footprint.

Back To The Future

The back splash is an area that allows you to be creative with your cash. You can let colour be your guide or go with an artistic statement. There are a multitude of creative tile choices that can spice up your kitchen. This may be the perfect spot to hang pots and pans as well.

Cabinets Add Character

Cabinets range from stock to custom with a price range to match your alternatives. Affordable laminate, doors wrapped in vinyl and natural wood each come with advantages and disadvantages. Natural wood also allows you to choose paint or stain finishes.

Extend Your Drawers

Drawers are a great place to take care of small but important features. A drawer that extends all the way out is preferable to a drawer that can only be drawn 75 percent of the way out. Replace the drawer glides if they are made of a synthetic material. Metal glides last a lifetime.

Water Wise

Definitely consider an earth friendly dishwasher and install kitchen taps that have a water conservation feature. You can achieve a significant water savings even if the pressure of your water remains unchanged.

Spotlight Your Upgrades

Lighting improvements can normally be accomplished by a homeowner with no electric skills. Take advantage of low volt halogen or other energy conserving devices. Lights should not require intricate or constant cleaning. Simple and attractive is the key.

Whether your home improvement budget for the kitchen is small or large you will see a terrific return on each dollar. If you are renovating several rooms you should seriously consider trimming back on other spaces to sink funds into your kitchen upgrade.